Triton Owners Tourney

Fishing their first Triton Owners Tourney, Chuck Murray of Louisburg NC and Ben Parker of Paris Tennessee combined their skills to win the Prestigious Triton Owners Tourney on Kentucky Lake held June 4th and 5th  2010. Ben and Chuck weighed 10 bass totaling 51.64 pounds and also now hold the two day total weight record in the 11 year history of the event. The previous record was 49 pounds. 300 Teams competed in the event!

Chuck and Ben stated they caught their fish on a variety of baits but jigs and crank baits were the main weapons. Murray stated the team boated over 150 fish each day and it could have been more. “I have never seen in my fishing career, bass school like that do in this lake”. We caught fish on every cast for two solid hours each day. Parker and Murray stated they found their main “Honey Hole” on Wednesday in practice. Murray stated they were searching the lake, studying their electronics, when Ben said “There they are!!” The screen was full of fish!  Parker stated they turned the boat made four cast and caught 4 good fish.

Chuck and Ben decided to fish this tourney in 2009 when they both had qualified to fish the BASS Federation Nation National Championship. Both had qualified on Lake Gaston in April 2009, and actually got paired up in another event in June on Lake Murray in South Carolina. Parker stated at the Nationals, Chuck approached him about fishing the tourney and they agreed to combine their efforts instead of fishing against each other. Participation in The BASS Federation Nation is a great way to meet new people and great fishermen Murray stated. This is about the only way that most fishermen can achieve their dream “The BASSMASTER CLASSIC”. For investing as little as $50 per year, you can have this opportunity.

Chuck and Ben are unsure if they are going to be able to team up again next year to defend their title, but only time will tell. Ben is moving up to the fish the BASS OPEN tourneys hoping to qualify for an opportunity to compete on the Elite Series and hoping to expand his hunting and fishing guiding business (Parkers Outfitting). Chuck has a full time job as the Finance Director on his home county, Franklin County NC where he has 25+ years in local government experience. We both fish a lot of tourneys during the year Murray stated. This year the stars were aligned and it worked out and hopefully we will be able to defend the Title next year.