Eastern Region NC B.A.S.S. Nation State Qualifier

May 29 and 30, 2015 – Summit Landing- Lake Gaston – Littleton NC

Story By: Chuck Murray


North Carolina hosted the Eastern Region NC BASS Nation state championship at Lake Gaston on May 29th and 30th with 120 plus anglers vying to represent the NC BASS Nation at the 2016 BASS Regional hosted by B.A.S.S. all hoping to continue on the road to qualify for a shot at the BASS MASTER CLASSIC!

2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (74)2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (32)

Randy Groves of the Sandy Creek Bassmasters claimed the title of State Champion with two strong days of competition with 20.66 pounds on Day 1 and 15.18 pounds on day 2 for a total weight of 35.84 pounds. Randy owns an alliance boat package (Triton/Mercury/Lowrance/Motorguide) therefore picking up another $4,000 for the win.

2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (98)2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (5)

Chuck Murray Day 1 (19.73) Day 2 (12.71) (sandy creek bassmasters) was second with 32.44 pounds.

2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (97)2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (18)

JT Palmore Day 1 (19.86) Day 2 (11.51) (Lake Gaston Bass Masters) was 3rd with 31.37.

2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (96)2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (101)

Scott Griffin (Sandy Creek Bassmasters) was 4th with 28.17, Richard Cooper (Reelem In) was 5th with 27.42, Brian Adams (Reelem In) was 6th with 25.69 and Jeff Hodges  (Reelem In) was 7th with 25.63. Scott Shrewsbury (Carolina Bassers) will be the first alternate finishing in 8th place with 25.47.

2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (92)2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (91)

2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (89)2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (88)

2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (87)

Sandy Creek Bass Masters won the Club Championship title with 134.95 pounds, Reel em In were 2nd place with 105.67, and Third place was the Lake Gaston at 97.35, 4th place was Fayetteville Bassmasters with 86.61 pounds and 5th place was B/M of Indian Springs with 82.79 pounds.

Triton Big Fish Honors were Day 1 Randy Groves with a 6.41 pounder and Adam Haithcock had the Day 2 Lowrance Big bass award with a 6.46 pounder.

2015-NCBN-East-Gaston (106)

The Top seven individuals above will represent the NC BASS Nation at the 2016 BASS Regional hosted by B.A.S.S. with all vying for a shot at the BASS MASTER CLASSIC!

Special thanks go out to Lenny and Vicky Smathers, Lori Murray, Cliff Chavez, and Greg and Kim Howard for their hard work during the tourney.

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