North Carolina Bassmaster High School Series (East) – Lake Gaston

The second North Carolina Bassmaster High School Series (East) event will take place February 25th, 2017 on Lake Gaston using the Summit Wildlife access.

  • All youth teams are to provide their own boats and boat captains.
  • Morning registration is planned to begin on-site at 5:30 AM.
  • Entry: $40 Per High School Team / $20 Per Junior Team
  • Every team must check in at our tournament trailer the morning of each event. Even if you have pre-registered, we need to know that you are in attendance and provide you with important information.
  • A livewell check will be conducted as you are launching your boats.
  • Please be checked in, have your livewells checked, and your boat in the water well in advance of the start of the event.
  • An On-The-Water event briefing will take place just prior to blast-off.
  • Blast Off Will Begin At Safe Light – Approximately 6:45 – 7:00 AM.
  • Weigh-In – 3:00 PM (Check In With Tournament Official As You Come In)
  • Five (5) fish limit per boat. Minimum size for this event will be 14”, except that two fish may be less than 14” (Per NC Wildlife Rules).
  • Reminder, no courtesy measurements allowed during weigh-in.
  • Reminder, Boat Captains DO NOT FISH. Only the youth competitors are allowed to cast and retrieve.
  • Complete rules can be found here.
  • Complete series schedule and locations/directions can be found here.

Club Affiliation Reminder

This is an “Open” event.  You are not required to be part of an affiliated Bassmaster High School club in order to compete in this event.  However, in order to acquire points towards Bassmaster High School National Championship qualification, you must be a part of a NC Bassmaster High School club.  If you are unable to create a club at your school or you are unable to join an existing club, we can assist you by allowing you to join our community club.  Contact Randy Parker for more details.