Adam Richardson Wins Wildcard Event

North Carolina hosted their last qualifier of the 2017 season with six state team spots left. The top three boaters and top three non-boaters advance. Forty-Nine Boaters and Non-boaters were vying for the top three spots available to compete at the 2018 BASS Regional hosted by B.A.S.S. with all hoping to continue on the road to qualify for a shot at the BASSMASTER CLASSIC!

Adam Richardson of the Hog Snatchers Bass Masters led from Day 1 to the end of the tourney, AGAIN! His first day catch of 16.17 gave him the extra nudge he needed. On Day 2 he brought 12.37 pounds to the scale to seal the deal! Not only was he was crowned the CHAMPION of the event but was also the 2017 NC B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Regional Boater Champion by in May. Adam is flexing his muscle in 2017 and out to prove he is here to stay as a force in this exciting sport.

Adam was again challenged however by a couple of anglers. Randy Groves and Chuck Murray of the Sandy Creek Bassmasters finished second and third in the event by bringing 26.29 lbs and 25.74 lbs to the scales clinching their way to the state’s 20 man team to compete at the next level. Due to Adam’s double qualification, it left one remaining spot on the team available. JT Palmore captured the 4th spot by bringing 25.00 to the scales. These anglers have punched their ticket to the B.A.S.S. Eastern Regional hosted by B.A.S.S. in order to qualify to the National Championship vying to make it to the BASS Master CLASSIC!

As a believe it or not moment, the last time a qualifier was held on Lake Gaston, Randy Groves, Chuck Murray and JT Palmore had a 123 finish! How many times can that happen? Only time will tell.

On the non-boater side, Mikey Anderson lapped the field to claim his first non-boater championship with a two day weight of 17.84 pounds. This is his first championship and his first time making it to the state team and the “Big Dance” as we call it. Jeffrey Davis took second place on the non-boater side with a two day total of 13.95 pounds and third place went to Aaron Digh who caught 13.39 lbs. These three anglers will represent the NCBN as non-boaters at the 2018 BASS Regional hosted by B.A.S.S.

Triton Big Fish Honors were Day 1 (boater) Dale Luckey 5.99 lbs; (non-boater) Eric Lochner 5.04 lbs
Lowrance Big Bass award Day 2 (boater) Adam Haithcock 6.16 lbs (non-boater) Ronnie Bridgers 3.10 lbs

Special thanks go out to Lenny and Vicky Smathers, Lori Murray, Danny Hayes, Roger thomas and Allison Wright and others for their hard work as helpers during the tourney.

Name Weight
Adam Richardson 28.29
Randy Groves 26.29
Chuck Murray 25.74
JT Palmore 25.00
Jeff Hager 23.71
Allen White 23.13
Jeremy Sabo 22.02
Raymond Jones 21.97
Adam Petty 20.50
Mike Belter 19.42
Dale Luckey 18.76
Patrick King 18.36
Adam Haithcock 17.31
Ivan Morris 15.90
Tim Wiltfong 15.43
Mike Marion 14.60
Trey Nanney 14.26
Tommy Chapman 13.77
Mark Swink 12.96
Carl Enos 12.24
Keith Patterson 11.67
Zack Blayock 11.28
George Lambert 10.56
Rob Digh 10.22
Eric Schell 10.12
Aaron Hardee 9.82
Jeff Farmer 9.77
Darrell Pons Jr 9.38
Jay Wright 9.27
Craig Scalf 9.26
Jeff Narron 8.84
Greg Creech 8.41
Alden Patterson 7.21
Jim Sampson 6.50
Alan Haigh 5.28
Phil Bain 5.21
Ethan Howard 5.10
Jerry Draper 4.87
William Frazier 3.79
Coy Riggins 3.54
Jim Sheehan 2.93
Scotty Kinney 1.99
Mitch Burgin 1.38
Thaigo Moreira 1.34
John Jackson 1.20
Mike Nadeau
Kyle Joyce
Jerry Deese

Mikey Anderson 17.84
Jeffrey Davis 13.95
Aaron Digh 13.39
Mike Bankes 12.03
Chris Moss 10.14
John K Mayo 9.19
David Swain 8.39
Ryan Hayes 7.85
Eric Lochner 6.27
Eddie Yahya 6.26
Matt Priode 6.22
Ronnie Bridgers 5.83
DJ Timms 5.48
Jacob Steele 5.24
Daniel Jenkins 5.06
Julian Doby 4.92
Dean Copeland 4.12
Jason Tew 3.88
Scott Spencer 3.82
Ken Brady 3.77
Tony Gupton 3.13
John W. Mayo 3.03
Clifton Jenkins 2.98
Nick Kincaid 2.83
John Harrell 2.70
JJ Morse 2.31
Samantha Gay 2.00
Greg Skerven 1.98
Dewey Castleberry 1.71
John Orchard 1.48
Bud Amend 1.41
Scott Shrewsbury 1.41
Randy Parker 1.32
Brent Enos 1.31
Matt Little 1.21
Brian Reneau 1.14
Daniel Norman
Dekota Shaw
David Martin
Andy Evans
Keith Thompson
Chris Martin
Reggie Guffey
Joseph Campbell
Billy Scoggins
Brandon Honaker
Matt Fuhr
Marvin Edwards