NC BASS High School Series & Youth Educational Series – Neuse / Trent Rivers Pre-Tournament Details

The NC BASS High School Series (East Division) & Youth Educational Series will take to the water this weekend, May 6th, on the Neuse / Trent Rivers, launching from the Lawson Creek park facility.

The NC BASS High School Series will run in conjunction with the Youth Educational Series Event.

New Bern Youth Layout

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NC BASS High School Series Teams & Youth Educational Series (YES)

  • All youth teams are to provide their own boats and boat captains.
  • Morning registration is planned to begin on-site at 4:30 AM.
  • Having a completed entry form ready when you arrive will save you some time.  Entry forms can be printed by clicking here.
  • Every team must check in at our tournament trailer the morning of each event. Even if you have pre-registered, we need to know that you are in attendance and provide you with important information.
  • A livewell check will be conducted prior to blast off.
  • Blast Off Will Begin At Safe Light – Approximately 6:00 AM.
  • Please be checked in, have your livewells checked, and your boat in the water well in advance of the start of the event.
  • YES & NC BASS High School Series Teams Return / Weigh-In – 1:00 PM (Check In With Tournament Official)
  • Five (5) fish limit per boat. Minimum size for this event will be 14” in length, except that 2 may be less than 14” (NC Wildlife Regulations).
  • Reminder, no courtesy measurements allowed during weigh-in.
  • Reminder, Boat Captains DO NOT FISH. Only the youth competitors are allowed to cast and retrieve.
  • Food items and door prizes will be available during afternoon weigh-in, so stick around if you can.
  • Please take time to read over the complete 2017 YES & NC BASS High School Series (East) rules. We do not want to see anyone caught off guard with a rules violation.